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Ruth K. Rooks
Ruth K. Rooks - Big Dig painter
Scenes of Construction
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A suburban dweller, Ruth Rooks is drawn to paint rural and urban landscapes - the ever-changing nature of the out of doors, contrasting with the energy, architecture, and drama of the city. Inspired by Boston's Big Dig - the largest public works project in the country - she has masterfully captured a memorable chapter in Boston's history in an unparalleled body of work. An accomplished gardener, Mrs. Rooks infuses her landscapes with uncommon color, a tribute to her keen eye and wit. Always compelling, her paintings eloquently convey the very essence of her subject, from the hugeness of girders and earthmovers in Scenes of Construction to stark, rocky outcroppings in isolated rural settings.
Her latest suites of paintings cap off a lengthy and creative artistic career. She is a highly regarded member of several local and national art associations, including the distinguished Copley Society of Boston and the National Acrylic Painters Association, where she has been invited to show her watercolors and portraits, and has received numerous awards. Having earned both a bachelor's and a master's degrees in art, she has been a favored middle school teacher in inner-city schools and on Boston's North Shore, where she now conducts workshops for adults.

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